Match Review Panel Charter


The Match Review Panel (MRP) has been formed to process complaints of incidents which may have been missed by umpires or club officials. It is not practical for all video footage to be scrutinized by the MRP. The MRP will be relying on the clubs and umpires to make the MRP aware of alleged incidents.


  1. To provide a safer environment for all players and supporters.
  2. To reduce the potential for costly and time consuming investigations.
  3. To reduce the work load of the Tribunal.
  4. To encourage clubs to accept responsibility for the on-field behaviour of their players.


  • The MRP will assess all referrals lodged in respect of potentialReportable Offences. A referral may be lodged by the officiatingUmpires, Umpire Observers, the Umpire Manager, the Operations Manager, the President or Secretary of a club competing in the relevantmatch, or the MRP itself during its video review of matches.
  • MRP Membership: At least two independent people and the Operations Manager will review the official CM & GR Leagues video footage. Each MRP member must not have any affiliation with a club in the CM & GR Leagues. The MRP members cannot be called as witnesses to any subsequent Independent Tribunal hearing where one of their recommendations is being heard.
  • The MRP recommendations cannot be appealed. The Appeal process is contained within the rules of the Independent Tribunal.
  • The referral in writing must set out particulars of the matter. The referral should pinpoint as accurately as possible when and where the incident occurred and what type of incident is required to be reviewed. The Operations Manager will determine if any video evidence is available. If video evidence is available, the matter will be referred to the MRP for assessment.
  • Timeline: The referral must be submitted to the Operations Manager no later than noon on the first business day after the incident. The MRP will review the footage and forward their recommendations to the Operations Manager within 24 hours of receiving their video footage.
  • The Operations Manager will forward the video of the incident to the designated MRP members.
  • The designated members of the MRP will view the official CMFNL video footage and make their recommendations on the appropriate action to the Operations Manager.
  • Recommendations:
    1. There is insufficient video evidence to prosecute any Notice of Report,
    2. The incident should potentially go to the Independent Tribunal, with an opportunity for the player to apply for a set penalty,
  • The incident is seen as more serious and should go to the Independent Tribunal for resolution, without the player being offered the opportunity to take a set penalty,
  1. The video is inconclusive or more complex and the incident needs to be referred to the league investigation officer.
  • Notice of Report: On receiving the MRP recommendations ii, iii, or iv the Operations Manager must contact the club of the offending player and issue a Notice of Report.
  • If a request by a club to review an incident is deemed frivolous, the requesting club will be fined $250.


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