Code Of Practice

Code of Practice


The Central Murray Football League Umpires Code of Practice enables us to clearly state the professional expectations common to all umpires in the implementation of our Club goals and priorities. The commitment of all umpires to consistently apply these values, follow the CMFNL policies and practices will lead to the development of a supportive umpiring environment, as well as promoting the development of football.



A professional attitude is valued and
expected in all activities
• We are committed to continual improvement of our umpiring skills and sharing excellent practices
• We keep ourselves up to date with current umpiring practice and programs
• We take responsibility for our own professional improvement
• We share professional ideas and expertise with our colleagues
On the field we display
• We display fairness and uniformity in applying the
Laws of Australian Football and the CMFL By-Laws
• We are honest in our assessment of situations
• We are consistent and courteous in calling all
• We condemn deliberate fouls as being unsporting and promote fair play and appropriate sporting behaviour
• We ensure that the health and safety of the players is
the number one priority when making decisions
• We do not engage in physical and/or verbal
intimidation, abuse or conduct toward any player,
official, or supporter
individual is
treated with respect and
• We act and present ourselves at all times in a professional manner and as a positive role model
• We foster a supportive and tolerant environment
• We value and appreciate the strengths and skills
of others
• We treat all players, coaches, officials, spectators and colleagues equitably, fairly and courteously
• We promote respect and loyalty to the practices of
our organisation
Cooperation and
• On the field we share ideas and work load
• We willingly provide feedback when asked
• We participate in and contribute ideas to discussion and planning
• We recognise and acknowledge what we can achieve as an organisation
• We value the role of all individuals in our organisation and respect their right to express a point of view
• We adhere to decisions reached by consensus

As an umpire, we are an integral part of the game and we can help each player enjoy the game by demonstrating a positive attitude, by promoting good sporting behaviour, by being consistent and by communicating in a fair and honest manner. Try to clearly express our decisions to the players and spectators in a way that can be easily seen and understood.

Keep up to date with the latest trends in officiating and remember there is no substitute for a thorough knowledge of the Laws of the Game and our own integrity.


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