Umpire Appointment Policy


The selection and appointment of personnel for the weekly umpiring positions should be fair, open and transparent. In the home & away games the process will be an inclusive part of a broader improvement strategy for further developing the skills of the umpires through mentoring, 360o feedback and observation in a supportive environment which encourages continuous improvement.



  • To provide an environment where umpires are supported and encouraged to further develop their skills.
  • To provide a system that is open, transparent and fair.
  • Appointments to take account of the need for all umpires to officiate at all grounds, with all of their colleagues, throughout the leagues on an equitable basis.
  • To be supportive of the personal commitments of umpires outside of umpiring.


  • The Director of Umpires will be responsible and be supported by Operations Manager and Coaches for appointments during the year.
  • Sporting Pulse and Schedula will be used to manage the umpiring appointment process and to publicly publish appointments.
  • Umpire members who are unavailable should notify the coaches, as soon as possible.
  • Grand Final Appointments will be announced at the Umpires Presentation Night and the CM & GR Leagues Presentation nights.



  • Appointments will be strategic, in that their focus will be on:
    • Supporting umpires to improve their skills by having them mentored, provided with feedback and observation,
    • Continuous learning through supported development,
    • Giving all umpires an opportunity to officiate in “key games” and other games around the leagues,
    • Sharing the work load among all umpires.
  • Appointments will be open and transparent,
  • Umpires are encouraged to seek feedback on their performance and appointments.

Grievance Procedures

  • If an Umpire member has a grievance with a selection they should first discuss it with the Director of Umpires. If in their opinion it is unresolved, the CM & GR Leagues Dispute & Grievance Procedures should be used.


Finals Appointments

  • Appointments to the Elimination, Qualifying and Semi-finals of all grades shall be equitably shared among all umpires who have met the selection criteria during the home & away games. (Set out below)
  • Appointments over the finals series shall be the responsibility of the Director of Umpires and the coaches. And will take into account:
    • General umpire performance and training attendance during the season,
    • Providing the optimum team of umpires for each match,
    • Behaviour, attitude and loyalty to the umpiring group,
    • Commitment to improvement.
  • Conflict of Interest: The Board place great importance on making clear any existing, potential or perceived conflicts of interest. Any member of the coaching panel should avoid any conflict arising between their personal interests (or the interests of any other related person or body) and their duties to the Central Rivers Football Umpires. In cases where a conflict or perceived conflict of interest occurs, the Central Rivers Board Conflict of Interest Policy must be followed.


The aim of this policy is to develop a set of mutually agreed procedures which encourages umpire members to improve their skills, as well as the opportunity to officiate in a variety and level of games during the season. This policy affirms that our selection and appointments should encourage learning and continuous improvement.


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